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The Brand

Birch Creek

The name is taken from the spring creek which meanders through our ranch which was founded in 1863.  It connects us and our wine back to the land.

The Logo

Magic the Horse

It's all about sevens.  Note his image is created by a stylized numeral seven in various sizes.  He is also the ranch logo.

The symbolism of the number seven relates to:

The Waiter

The Guy Buffet waiter on our back label was commandeered from a larger painting we had commissioned. 

"Broke Ass Mountain"
Artist: Guy Buffet

In The Spring of 2006, Jim took a new ranch horse, Silver, for a test drive and was thrown. He fractured his pelvis and bruised his ego. This painting was commissioned to commemorate the event.

Silver is pictured at the corral celebrating his victory. Note his taste in champagne (Dom Perignon).